Guide to the Best Luaus in Maui

Luau entertainment

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While in Maui, there are various types of activities you can carry out at night. Tourists can visit the Maui Luaus to have delicious Hawaiian meals. When participating in the luau, you can learn about the culture of the native people on the Maui Island. There are thousands of luaus throughout the Maui Island. If you are bringing your kids, you should find a luau that is designed for children. There are romantic luaus for couples that are celebrating their honeymoons. In the luau feast, tourists will get to eat all kinds of food such as beef, chicken, and roast pig. One of the special features of the luau feast is the process of unearthing Emu.  The people will bury the pig under the earth and cover it with banana leaves. Hot coals are used to slow roast the pig. After the pig is roasted slowly, they will remove it from the earth. The Emu pig is served along with other dishes. There are many luaus that offer vegetarian dishes.

Tourists will have the opportunities to watch the Luau show. In the Luau show, various types of cultural acts are presented. When watching the Luau show, you will learn about the historic background of the Polynesian island. Each luau offers different types of entertainment program. In some luaus, acrobatic performances are provided to entertain the visitors. Many luaus offer Cirque du Soleil style acrobatic performance. The Cirque du Soleil style acrobatic performance is performed in the trees. Fire dance is a common performance in the Luau show. Many Maui luaus offer dancing shows. In the fire dance, the performers will throw the knife up and down.

The cost of taking part in a Maui luau varies depending on what is included. If you are on the south Maui, you can visit the Wailea Marriot Luau. If you are on the west side of Maui, it is recommended that you visit the Old Lahaina Luau. The Kaanapali Beach Luau is suitable for children and adults. If you want to go to a romantic luau, you can visit the Feast at Lele luau. Other luaus in Maui include Kamaha o Luau, Royal Lahaina Luau, and Maui Sunset Lau. If you want to sign up for the luau at a cheaper price, you should sign up through a third party. There are many third party agencies offering discounts for customers who want to participate in the Maui luau.

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