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Iao Needle, Maui

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If you have been dreaming of traveling to Hawaii then Maui would be the realization of your dream. Of all of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is known as the most magical, exciting and alluring. The Maui attractions found around the island will keep you more than busy during your vacation. They have the best golf courses, beaches, weather and kindest locals. There are tons of attractions that you should try to squeeze into your trip if possible.

The Mt. Haleakala volcano is what Maui is known for. With the volcano taking up most of the island many people flock to the area to view the crater, lava, caves and other surrounding pieces of the volcano. You can visit the National Park which surrounds the volcano to view a variety of species such as birds and with a long journey you will reach the crater either by foot or horseback but be aware that the path leading there is a bit tricky.

One of the more popular Maui attractions is the historical town of Lahaina. Once known as the capital of Hawaii this beautiful little town is very lively. With tons of restaurants, souvenir shops, museums, art galleries, bars, boutiques and even high end shops as well. There are several attractions here that you should try to see along the way including Jodo Mission, Brig Carthaginian, Whaling Museum, Banyan Tree and the19th Century Pioneer Inn which is a waterfront property.

If you are looking for historical Maui attractions consider stopping by the Iao Valley State Park to see the Iao Needle. This moss covered stone spire stands vertically nearly 1,200 feet from the valley floor. This is located in a green lush valley near the West Maui Mountains. With tons of planks and trails that circle the attraction you will enjoy the beautiful scenery covered in tropical flowers and plants. You can access this park from twin towns, Wailuku and Kahului.

For those tourists who are looking for Maui attractions will be surprised by how many different things they can choose from. There are tons of waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, parks, beaches and other intriguing things that can help to occupy your time while being on the beautiful Maui Islands. For those who are wanting to take in as much of the island as possible should consider signing up for one of the many sightseeing tours that are available on the island. You can choose to tour the island by land, air or water. There are daily tours that are available either by boat or helicopter to allow visitors to gain as much knowledge and views of the island as possible. The prices for these tours vary but if you are on a budget there are still many secluded areas that can be accessed by land. You can choose to view these areas either by foot, bicycle, car or horseback depending on the areas that you are wanting to see.

When it comes to Maui attractions visitors definitely will not be disappointed by what they will find here to see and do.

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