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Maui Estate Wedding Guide

More and more people prefer to have their weddings at the Maui estate. One of the most popular Maui estate that wedding couples often use to hold wedding ceremony is the Sugarman’s Estate in Makena. A person called Sugarman originally establishes the Sugarman estate. The Sugarman estate in Makena is near to the Ahihi Cove. The staff maintains the lawn in the real estate all the time so it looks nice.  The lawn is often used to play bocce ball. The lawn can accommodate up to 500 wedding guests.

The Olowalu Plantation is a romantic wedding location. The whole plantation covers an area of 3 acres. You don’t have to stay at the resort in order to get married in Olowalu Plantation. The bride can arrive at the plantation to make preparation for the wedding. Bathrooms are available for the wedding guests. There is no need to rent portable toilets. However, if you are inviting a lot of wedding guests, you should rent a few portable toilets. The lawn is near to the water but there is not sandy beach. There are a lot of rocks at the beach. If you want, you can ask the photographer to take a picture of you and your partner with the water scenery in the background. Nearby the lawn, you will find a pier. There is a dance floor made from wooden slab. The lawn at the Olowalu Plantation can also accommodate 500 wedding guests.


Kamaole Beach House is also a good wedding location. If you plan to organize your wedding at the Kamaole Beach House, you must stay at the resort there. This location can only accommodate up to 25 wedding guests. The beach house has high-class facilities such as Jacuzzi and lap pool. The beach house has a small lawn as well as some tables. It is located adjacent to the Maui Coast Hotel.

Another good Maui estate wedding location is the Haiku Mill. The Haiku Mill has a large botanical garden. It is a historical landmark developed in the year 1853. It offers a romantic atmosphere that is different from other locations in Maui. There is no ocean scenery at the Haiku Mill. Despite that, you will have an enjoyable tropical wedding experience at the mill. Some of the features of the mill include brick flooring; moss covered wall, fountains and etc. The mill can accommodate up to 100 wedding guests.

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